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Николай Николов
ноември 17, 2018
„For every excellent mark-a coin“ with great results

One of the most popular projects of „Faithful Steward“ is „For every excellent mark-a coin“. The project depends on donations only and is registered in DMS platform with donation number 17777. Everyone who wants to support the cause could send sms with text NAGRADA on this number.
It is important to mark the great success of school assessments after the start of the campaign. The children are motivated and they have desire to learn and to receive excellent marks because they have awards for their work.

As a result in the elementary school „Nikola Vapsarov“ in Fakia, Sredec region for the first school semester 11 children received 76 excellent marks. In May the previous year the children received 100 excellent marks between 3th and 8th grade.

In the Center of Family Type in Burgas 3 children received 14 excellent marks.

In teh Center of Family Type in Sredec 12 children received 55 excellent marks as a reward.

The project gains more and more popularity and we plan to enlarge and include more schools in the future.