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Николай Николов
ноември 23, 2018
New Electrocardiogram Apparatus for More Healthy Project

In connection with the need for a new electrocardiogram device, German partners from More Future Germany have pledged to send a new device to successfully continue the „More Healthy“ project. The project provides free medical examinations for uninsured persons. Primary medical examinations, blood glucose measurement, blood pressure, echograph, and more are performed in the mobile medical office. The project is supported by More Future Germany that has provided a van equipped as a medical cabinet. The project has been provided free of charge by both doctors working for the „Faithful Steward“ and by German specialists.

With the help of „More Future Germany“ a doctor’s office was established in the school of the village of Fakia. In Nadezhda district in Sliven – a dental office for the needs of the children. More than 50 hospital beds were given to the hospital in Sredets. Gifts for children from the hospitals in Yambol, Sliven, Sredets were also handed out. Help for old people’s homes, accommodation centers and the disabled people’s association in Rudnik and the Black Sea and the health service in the village of Konyovo has been implemented within the project „More Healthy“. Medical equipment of Bourgas hospital is also donated.

Since 2016, „The Faithful Steward“ supports financially and materially the Diabetes Association „Flame of Hope“ in Kameno . The project is of great importance for the association, which seeks to address the two basic needs of the population – healthcare and education.